Boss Tin’s Make-a-Weight is Putty Perfect


If you haven’t seen the writing on the wall about further restrictions on lead use in fishing tackle (e.g. the National Park restrictions on lead), you need to wake up and smell the coffee.  Lead is dead, or it very well could be very soon.
For a tungsten putty that is easy to use and environmentally friendly, check out BossTin’s Make-a-Weight.  Extensive field tests impressed us.  It’s malleable, but holds form.  It leaves no sticky residue on hands, clothing or gear.  And it sinks.  Simply pinch off the appropriate amount and roll it onto your leader.  Before casting put your line with the putty into the water to set it (the cold temp locks it in place).  Adjustments are quick and easy.  Portions can be removed and reused, as currents and river depths dictate.  It’s exceptionally versatile, effective, and eco-friendly.  See for more information.


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