SIMMS Urges Battle Against Invasives


“Inspect, clean and dry” must become the new mantra

BOZEMAN, Montana (For immediate release) – It’s fishing season and Simms is reminding anglers of the critical role they play in the fight against the spread of aquatic nuisance species. Dozens of the outstanding recreational fisheries in the U.S. and Canada are under assault from aquatic invaders. Organisms like didymo (or “rock snot”), whirling disease and New Zealand mud snails threaten the biodiversity and fishability of numerous treasured natural resources.

To stop the spread of nuisance species, anglers and all recreational enthusiasts are urged to inspect, clean and dry their gear after every excursion.

“With some of our most valued waterways being forever altered by invasive species, the time to act is now. Anglers have a history of stepping up and taking the lead in conservation efforts, and it’s imperative we do it on this issue,” said K.C. Walsh, president of Simms. “It’s an incremental step in stopping the spread of invasives.

Walsh suggests anglers take the Clean Angling Pledge by logging on to, and make an effort this season to inform their fishing companions of the importance of being vigilant. The Clean Angling Pledge and links for more information about aquatic nuisance species can be found on the Simms Web site under the “Resources” tab.

To properly clean equipment, including wading gear, boats, trailers, etc., anglers are encouraged to do the following:

• Inspect before leaving a river or stream. While streamside, remove all obvious clumps of algae and look for hidden clumps. If you find any at a later time, dispose all material in the trash. Brush off excess dirt, mud and other.
• Clean. After removing visible material by hand, use water to wash your equipment
• Dry equipment thoroughly.

Not all attempts at disinfection may wipe out all invasive species. Anglers are reminded to report any suspected discoveries of invasive species to their local wildlife agencies as soon as possible.

ABOUT SIMMS: Established in 1980, Simms Fishing Products is the recognized leader in guide-quality fishing waders, outerwear, footwear and apparel. Simms’ world-renowned line of Gore-Tex® waders are manufactured in Bozeman, Montana and is the choice of professional guides worldwide. Media is encouraged to click here for comprehensive list of contacts and background information on aquatic nuisance species.


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